So, our subfloor is old 3/4″ tongue and groove pine. In some rooms, it’s fairly flat. In others, it’s got a good amount of gaps and tilt. also, there are random places where the boards switch directions for a while (old patches?). As subfloor, it had never really been finished before, though there is paint around the outside of some of the rooms, where it was apparently exposed around an area rug.

I love it. The randomness, the patina, I think it’s great.

I’m not sure if we can keep it or not.

We had one floor man (who did good work for my parents) take a look at it, and he claimed it would be too thin to sand and refinish. -did I mention that our floor joists are around 30″ apart? And that they aren’t so much joists as, well, trees? This may be a factor. Also a possible factor is that he stood to make a good commission on an $8,000 floor if we choose not to refinish.

Still, I’m not sure. I’m not sure if we can get it even enough not to get splinters and stubbed toes (we’re bare feet kinda people). I’m not sure if we can put a finish on it that will withstand the large dog we plan to get.

So, we’re getting another estimate, and M’s going to push the ‘just put a really rough finish on it’ angle.

And maybe we’ll start on one of the easier rooms and see how far we get with a good cleaning as opposed to a down-to-new-wood sanding.