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Summer is over. The relative blog silence is due to the fact that we did absolutely nada since we moved in. Nothing. At. All.

It was nice. After nine months of turning down all sorts of fun things because we had to work on the house, and staying up almost every night, we stopped, and started saying ‘yes’ to practically invitation that we got. And watching a lot of mindless television. It was a good break.

But it had to stop some time. Because, well the short list is we had no insulation in the crawl space and it was getting darn cold, and we had no door on our bedroom nor rod in our closet because we never got around to putting up trim in that room. Also, the bathroom door didn’t close, which wasn’t a huge pain for us, but a little awkward for guests. We will, for these purposes, completely ignore the exposed duct work going through the office, the lack of any outdoor outlets (for, say christmas lights) the kitchen doors without working hardware, and the kitchen sink that drips into the cabinet below, because, well, duh, that has a pan under it, so it’s not a problem. We will also ignore the entire second story. Thanks.

So we finally did something about it. Well, mostly M. To start with, he put covers on the crawlspace vents. While said vents are quite a necessity in the summer for mold prevention, in the winter, they mean there is literally nothing but an inch of pine between your feet and the winter winds. And even less between the duct work and said winds. I do not believe it was doing good things for our heating.

He also planed the edge of the bathroom door, and set up the bedroom door in the garage for stripping. Said stripping is only, oh, 1/10 done, but it’s a start, and I think we’re getting back in that swing again. Which is a good thing.

Also, we got our first christmas tree.

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