There was a post over at Greensparrow Gardens recently with a picture of iris reticulata and the like in a vase. I’ve had a bit of a conflicted relationship with my own early iris, so I’m inspired by the idea of using them as cutting flowers.

It may just be a siting issue, but I find dwarf  iris a bit underwhelming in the garden. Small, subtle, and apt to blend in with the mulch. As cutting flowers, that would be solved, plus I would get a chance to experience their reputed fragrance.

Now that my initial batch has survived their first year, I plan to get more to try in different spots as well, as they do have some very nice qualities, assuming I could see them better. They are up with the earliest crocus, but unlike crocus, the iris remain open even on cold cloudy days, which at that time of year, tends to be most days. Of course, that means they are vulnerable to rain and don’t last as long as the crocus, but the total open days probably end up about the same.