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So, this is a house/garden blog, which is a pretty domestic thing, so I guess that means adding babies to it wouldn’t be too weird, would it?

Because that seems to be what’s happening. It’s all very surreal. Apart from a nominally late period, notable lack of preventative measures in the previous month, and that ‘+’ in the title, I wouldn’t guess that I was pregnant. But I guess I am. The only symptom I can even imagine myself into having is I’ve been a little crampy/gassy, but we’ve been eating out a lot with our kitchen being remodeled, so that’s hardly definitive.

It’s funny, at this point, I can’t make it real. My biggest thoughts are about how an april(ish)? date will really mess up my spring planting next year, and that this means we probably shouldn’t get a second dog, and I shouldn’t start knitting a sweater when I don’t know if I’m ever going to have these measurements again. Shouldn’t I want to be knitting baby things instead? It feels like I’m faking it.



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