I’m getting a little cranky searching for delivery options in my area. It seems the only two options are fully managed hospital settings, or full-on crunchy granola push it out in your living room. I kinda wish there was something in between, but apparently birth centers aren’t a ‘thing’ in my area, despite the prevalence of crunchy granola living room options. Not that I have anything against giving birth in living rooms…just not my living room. Maybe that’s back to the denial of the previous post, but it just seems so weird. I can’t picture it. I don’t particularly want a medical professional coming to my mish-mash half remodeled house.

Also, I’m not a very crunchy person. I like a lot of the crunchy ideas, but not so much the personality. I’m not spiritual. I’m introverted. I don’t like strangers touching me. These things all seem somewhat in opposition to the crunchy community.

(not that there aren’t crunchy people out there I’d get along with – there are devoutly religious people I get along with, so I’m sure there are hippies I’d get along with, since I probably agree with them on more stuff, but it feels like it puts me in a minority and makes it harder to approach the community)