So, right on schedule (I guess) for the start of my second trimeter a bump showed up on the 3rd. Now, you pretty much have to both be looking at me naked, and be intimately familiar with what I looked like naked before to detect it, but hey, guess who fits both those criteria every morning in the bathroom? I do. I say I have graduated from ‘I gained ten pounds of muffin top’ to ‘baby bump’. And pretty much no one will argue with me*

I’m surprisingly pleased by it. I’d never thought I was particularly vain, but I am naturally very slim, and well, I’d sort of gotten used to things in the dozen years since I stopped getting taller. The idea of having my body be a different shape for the rest of my life really upset me more than I was expecting. But, now that it’s here, rather than in the mysterious and worrisome future, it’s OK. I like it.

That said, it’s hardly dramatic. There are exactly two items of clothes that are starting to not fit. My yard work jeans (pretty much the only pants I own that fit at my waist rather than super-duper low rise), and this one sweater that has a tie around the waist. The sweater really looks rather stupid now. It’s pretty funny. I plan on wearing it over to my mom’s in an attempt to convince her.

Oh, yeah, and the boobs (wow, this blog is taking a turn for the tmi). They’ve gone from pleasantly filling out my ridiculously tiny bras for the pre-pubescent** for the first time ever at the beginning of pregnancy, to now finding all my usuals unpleasantly tight. I’m finally an A cup! Unfortunately unless I make it all the way up to a B, there don’t seem to be any nursing bras available in my size, so I’m hanging with the two that sort-of fit*** for now in the hope that we will continue this trajectory.

I’m thinking I should order some extra-long t-shirts to tide me over until I need maternity clothes, as I should be able to wear them at my normal size too (I’ve thought they would fit better anyway, but always been put off by having to have them shipped, the regular sizes are close enough). I anticipate having trouble with maternity clothes as ‘size 0’ + ‘5 foot 7’ plus ‘chronically cold’**** is hard enough to shop for without adding ‘pregnant’ to the mix. Maybe I’ll get lucky and the extra length will be more standard in maternity sizes. Anybody know where pregnant teenagers shop?*****

*Except my mom. I showed it to my mom, and her response was ‘I don’t think my stomach’s ever been that flat in my life’. She refused to be convinced.

**The downside to a naturally thin figure I guess. Did you know size 34AA existed? Oh yeah, you might remember it from the training bra section.

***While I had no shortage of bras that were too large, very few of them seem to be too large in the correct ways. Instead of being generically too big, they now just generically don’t fit.

****I’ve found some fashion blogs with maternity sections, and while a lot of the things are super cute, a lot of them also involve short sleeves and skirts (in winter!) which I pretty much would freeze to death in. I know you’re supposed to get warmer while pregnant, but I can’t imagine getting that much warmer.

*****I gotta clarify, I’m not at all a teenager, I just currently find most of my clothes in the juniors section. I also refuse to shop at forever 21 despite the fact that they are a teenager store with an alleged maternity section, because the name always conjures haggard cougars or trophy wives in midriffs and pigtails to me. I may have to sacrifice my principles.