I realized I’d posted about the possibility of finding things in the eaves, but never actually listed what we found there after we opened them up.

Well, here goes (the highlights)

  • A victrola horn.
  • A pair of black leather mens shoes
  • A magenta/rose colored plastic umbrella
  • Wire springs from a twin size mattress
  • A mission style twin sized bed, the slats have come loose and the siderails are cracked, but it looks reparable. We plan on using it
  • the back and a few spindles from a broken pressback chair
  • A heavily rusted kerosine stove (a full size kitchen stove, not a portable camping stove. To precise, a New Perfection #33 stove), missing the burners
  • Some miscellaneous empty bottles and cans, mostly broken.
  • Random scrap wood
  • A book titled ‘the complete guide to universal knowledge’
  • Beginner violin music
  • A school grammar work book (do you know the proper usage of ‘will’ versus ‘shall’?)
  • Some advertisements and scrap papers which look like they were used by a young boy for passing notes in class
  • A sunday school pamphlet
  • A bayonet from a rifle probably used in the time around the mexican-american war.
  • An empty tin of ‘Chi-chesters diamond brand pills’

The bayonet is M’s favorite, and probably the most valuable, though still only worth $200 or so.

The last is my favorite (though the bed and the complete guide to universal knowledge are close seconds) The tin is complete with an extensive instruction booklet which at no point mentions what the pills are supposed to do, only how wonderful they are, and how to use them. Some internet spelunking revealed that they are, in fact, abortion pills, which were not legal to sell, and thus they do not mention their intended use. Actually, they were sugar pills. The name has recently been changed from ‘chi-chesters pennyroyal pills’. Because, while pennyroyal is at least somewhat effective for the intended purpose (at least insofar as they were poisonous, and if someone gets the precisely right amount of almost dead, they will sometimes miscarry without completely dying themselves). However, the recently instituted FDA (or it’s predecessor) had forced the name to be changed since the pills didn’t actually contain any pennyroyal. Fascinating. And a really neat looking little tin to boot.

The most inexplicable item is the stove. It was Up Stairs. It was completely inaccessible behind a wall. I guess they were just using the space as an alternative to paying to take the thing to the dump, but I can’t get the scene out of my head:

woman: “honey, could you haul the old stove upstairs? I think behind the wall in the bedroom is the perfect place for it”

We didn’t keep the stove. I felt a bit bad about it, as it was an interesting item, but it was in very bad condition, and too large too keep around indefinitely while looking for someone with a use for it. We do have most of the rest, depending on how damaged it was. I really want to find a good use for the Victrola horn.

So there we go. Our mini-haul from the upstairs.