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We moved last Monday. We slept *in our own house* *without any spurious relatives* Wednesday night. It is good. It is also continuing to be comfortably cool without air conditioning. (not that our sub-80 days have been testing it…) Nothing is put away yet. Particularly, we noticed some of the kitchen shelves we warped and needed replaced, so nothing can go away in the kitchen. Also, there is no trim in the bedroom, and thus no rod in the closet, so nothing can go in there either lest it ‘get in the way’ when we have to put the trim back on. So it’s still in boxes scattered across the bedroom floor, not getting in the way at all. Note how I am not being cranky or anxious or upset about these things at all. I am letting M handle them as he finds time and considers them important. (between dinner with his work friends, frisbee with his work friends….). I feel very virtuous.

And now, for something completely different – we’ve been discussing purchasing a chest freezer some time now. One purpose of such would be to store things like beef, purchased half a cow at a time. In general, chest freezers are nice things for keeping lots of frozen food and minimizing grocery runs, but it wasn’t exactly urgent. Then, two days after we moved, our neighbor knocks on our door.  They’re moving, and have a couple things they don’t want to take with them. One of which is: a chest freezer! For free. We tied it too the dolly and rolled it down the road home.

I’m currently sitting on the back porch waiting for an air conditioner and dishwasher to fall from the sky as well.

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