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So, M wants applesauce. Particularly, his grandmother’s applesauce, made from specifically from yellow transparent apples that cannot be bought in stores. So apple trees. I research trees that cross-pollinate effectively, and finally get off my butt and order them last Monday. This Monday they arrive. (I will save my opinions about their dubious practice of shipping plants over a weekend for later – I supposed with bare root items it’s not as much of a big deal as with tender green things). At least they’re here.

Now, this is hearsay from M who went out to the house this morning, but apparently, the order was not quite as expected. We do have the three apples we explicitly ordered for optimum cross pollination and utility. We do have the raspberries. We also have a grand total of eight trees. He seemed a little shell-shocked, but I gathered ‘two cherries –  cortland – lodi – another kind of mcintosh’.
They *did* have a ‘free tree of our choice with any order’ special going. I would have preferred the ‘free oriental lilies’ they were running earlier, but that’s my own lazy fault. Anyway, I figured one extra tree we could probably fit in.
Five extra trees though. That’s a bit of a different. We do not need six apple trees. I feel like a bit of a jerk tossing them out, but, well, we really weren’t planning on setting up as fruit farmers. We just wanted some applesauce.
Anybody want an apple tree?

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