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Wow, so after the enthusiastic last post, people might be getting the impression I enjoyed the mudding.

Well, I did. Until we had to keep doing it. And doing it. And sanding it off again. And making all sorts of dust. And putting on more, because we’d sanded down to the tape, then sanding again, and again, and again. Horrible.


We declared ourselves done, mopped all the dust up (it’s amazing how much cleaning feels like progress at this point) and started priming. Well – first we went back to the store to exchange the 10 gallons of ceiling paint we bought for 10 gallons of primer. Both giant purple paint tubs, and right next to each other on the shelf. Thankfully, the primer was cheaper :)

My family was over, and we got three rooms cleaned, taped and primed in one afternoon. M & I came back the next night, cleaned and taped the last room, and put up our sample colors. I really, really hope they dry darker. They should, but I’m having a hard time. The beige is very, very pale, and the dark, hunter green? It looks like nothing so much as the algae I used to scrape off the aquarium walls. Coupled with our gooey-textured walls? Disgusting. I’m really not sure what I’ll do if it doesn’t look good – I guess try even darker – or give up. I’m still a little scared of painting a whole room dark green. Even if it is an office with two walls essentially open.

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