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Strangely, more on the north east side of the door than the north west, but they are indeed returning.

I *almost* ordered a bunch more hyacinths this fall, but held off with the thought that they might not actually hang on through the whole year to bloom a second time.

But it looks like they mostly have, and that there will be flowers as well as leaves, and that some of them are even multiplying, which I consider a phenomenal success for something other than a daffodil planted in clay-muck soil on the north side of the house.

Next year, there will be many more. Hyacinths are such silly looking flowers. They make me giggly and happy in a nonsensical way. I plan on making my front yard look like an easter basket with them. It will be fabulous.

I’m also thinking white crocus would look good between them.


I’ve purchased a shelf. I’ve purchased dirt. I’ve purchased seeds. I’ve been saving toilet rolls for months now. This weekend is ‘7 weeks before last frost’. Now I gotta jump.

I’m a little concerned – the good nursery nearby hadn’t gotten their shipment of pea inoculant. Though at least the lady knew what I was talking about and didn’t think I was asking for some crazy voo-doo thing. (which I feel I might be – I’d never heard of pea inoculant before this winter). So I’m torn – wait to plant them until it comes in? Plant them now and try to sprinkle it on top/in the hole later? I’m not sure that driving around to the other nurseries in town would be productive – they don’t seem the types to have serious vegetable supplies, more miracle-gro and ornamentals.

I still need to get lights, but I figure things probably won’t sprout in the first week. I’ll probably also have to get a new extension cord to run up the stairs for them, since I think we’ve cut all the power to the upstairs for safety reasons. I’m also still debating whether to get a heating pad, just for peppers and tomatoes.  But they’re so expensive! Maybe next year.

Which means I should probably finalize my plans and dig the veggie beds to put out the peas and lettuce by weekend after next at the latest. It’s starting to worry me that gardening season is coming up and we still aren’t in the house – so many things will be a lot harder not being ‘on-site’. I wonder how much I can really pull off.

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