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I’ve purchased a shelf. I’ve purchased dirt. I’ve purchased seeds. I’ve been saving toilet rolls for months now. This weekend is ‘7 weeks before last frost’. Now I gotta jump.

I’m a little concerned – the good nursery nearby hadn’t gotten their shipment of pea inoculant. Though at least the lady knew what I was talking about and didn’t think I was asking for some crazy voo-doo thing. (which I feel I might be – I’d never heard of pea inoculant before this winter). So I’m torn – wait to plant them until it comes in? Plant them now and try to sprinkle it on top/in the hole later? I’m not sure that driving around to the other nurseries in town would be productive – they don’t seem the types to have serious vegetable supplies, more miracle-gro and ornamentals.

I still need to get lights, but I figure things probably won’t sprout in the first week. I’ll probably also have to get a new extension cord to run up the stairs for them, since I think we’ve cut all the power to the upstairs for safety reasons. I’m also still debating whether to get a heating pad, just for peppers and tomatoes.  But they’re so expensive! Maybe next year.

Which means I should probably finalize my plans and dig the veggie beds to put out the peas and lettuce by weekend after next at the latest. It’s starting to worry me that gardening season is coming up and we still aren’t in the house – so many things will be a lot harder not being ‘on-site’. I wonder how much I can really pull off.


I placed my veggie seed order the other day. The tally so far is:

  • four tomatoes
    • Brandywine – It’s so often referenced, I wanted something common to calibrate my standards with.
    • Green Zebra – something interesting. Was also considering Hillbilly here, but thought the giant beefsteak type was a little too close to Brandywine for now.
    • Black Cherry – gotta have some cherry tomatoes. These looked more interesting than most, and I’m not a huge fan of typical cherry tomato flavor.
    • Siberia – something early. In case it all goes to pot, hopefully I’ll at least have a few tomatoes from this one. I almost did a hybrid resistant type here for my ‘sure bet’ (and maybe I’ll regret that eventually) but the site that had the other varieties I wanted doesn’t stock hybrid tomatoes.
  •  Peas – Aldermann -a.k.a.- Tall Telephone. I saw a really good review of these here, and really wanted to try them. Particularly since peas are probably our favorite vegetable. That and we can use the young pods for stir-frys.
  • Lettuce – green salad bowl and lollo rosso.  No reall good reason on these. I also have some mesculn type seeds left over from last year’s container lettuce experiment (a failure btw). Must remember to start earlier this time.
  • Finally, serrano peppers. M dreams of making salsa from our garden, and these looked like a good blend of decently spicy, but will actually ripen in our summers.

I also have herb seeds from last year – plus I plan to fill in a few gaps there from local sources. Online selection didn’t look much better than what I remember locally as far as herbs went. Mostly I want to get some sage for roasting chicken. And a better oregano variety.

I’m a little unsure how I’m going to lay things out so I have trellises for the tomatoes and the peas without them shading one another or taking up a ton of space. But I figure I’ll work it out when the time comes.

I was *this* close to ordering fruit too, but realized the website wasn’t overly secure. So I requested a catalog instead. Hopefully that will clarify some of the shipping options that were vague on the website as well. I have a personal recommendation for the company, as well as seeing good online reviews, so hopefully they just aren’t tech savvy. In any case, the plan is:

  • 2x Yellow Transparent apple trees –  Another thing that’s very important to M. Apparently they used to grow at his grandmothers’, and they have a very important applesauce recipe that requires them. A very old variety, they can’t be purchased, so you have to have a tree to get the applesauce.
  • 1 Pollinator apple tree. I think I decided on a Braeburn.
  •  6x Caroline Raspberries – Raspberries are my favorite food ever. At all. And I like them nice and tart and strong flavored – not too sweet. Which this variety was reputed to be from what I could find. And decent disease resistance too. Double score.

Am I in over my head? This doesn’t even touch on flowers.

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