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I placed my veggie seed order the other day. The tally so far is:

  • four tomatoes
    • Brandywine – It’s so often referenced, I wanted something common to calibrate my standards with.
    • Green Zebra – something interesting. Was also considering Hillbilly here, but thought the giant beefsteak type was a little too close to Brandywine for now.
    • Black Cherry – gotta have some cherry tomatoes. These looked more interesting than most, and I’m not a huge fan of typical cherry tomato flavor.
    • Siberia – something early. In case it all goes to pot, hopefully I’ll at least have a few tomatoes from this one. I almost did a hybrid resistant type here for my ‘sure bet’ (and maybe I’ll regret that eventually) but the site that had the other varieties I wanted doesn’t stock hybrid tomatoes.
  •  Peas – Aldermann -a.k.a.- Tall Telephone. I saw a really good review of these here, and really wanted to try them. Particularly since peas are probably our favorite vegetable. That and we can use the young pods for stir-frys.
  • Lettuce – green salad bowl and lollo rosso.  No reall good reason on these. I also have some mesculn type seeds left over from last year’s container lettuce experiment (a failure btw). Must remember to start earlier this time.
  • Finally, serrano peppers. M dreams of making salsa from our garden, and these looked like a good blend of decently spicy, but will actually ripen in our summers.

I also have herb seeds from last year – plus I plan to fill in a few gaps there from local sources. Online selection didn’t look much better than what I remember locally as far as herbs went. Mostly I want to get some sage for roasting chicken. And a better oregano variety.

I’m a little unsure how I’m going to lay things out so I have trellises for the tomatoes and the peas without them shading one another or taking up a ton of space. But I figure I’ll work it out when the time comes.

I was *this* close to ordering fruit too, but realized the website wasn’t overly secure. So I requested a catalog instead. Hopefully that will clarify some of the shipping options that were vague on the website as well. I have a personal recommendation for the company, as well as seeing good online reviews, so hopefully they just aren’t tech savvy. In any case, the plan is:

  • 2x Yellow Transparent apple trees –  Another thing that’s very important to M. Apparently they used to grow at his grandmothers’, and they have a very important applesauce recipe that requires them. A very old variety, they can’t be purchased, so you have to have a tree to get the applesauce.
  • 1 Pollinator apple tree. I think I decided on a Braeburn.
  •  6x Caroline Raspberries – Raspberries are my favorite food ever. At all. And I like them nice and tart and strong flavored – not too sweet. Which this variety was reputed to be from what I could find. And decent disease resistance too. Double score.

Am I in over my head? This doesn’t even touch on flowers.

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