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(no, really, it’s not that)

So, yesterday, they laid and poly’d the last piece of floor – yay, right?

Well, maybe not so much. See, I didn’t think they’d get to it quite yet, and my herb starts (you know, from *february*?) were upstairs… and needed watering. So, our bathroom has one door to the bedroom (which had been done earlier and was dry), and one to the dining room by the stairs, and we figured we could, with a bit of acrobatics, jump from the bathroom door to the bottom step without touching the fresh poly in the dining room.

See, those childhood ‘don’t touch the lava’ games were training for real life skills.

But wait, it gets better than that. We could have gotten to the bedroom – except that in a rare feat for us, we locked the front door. And as all our knobs are on the flaky side, we use the deadbolts. So, that just got harder.

A little thought, and M realized there was a third way into the bathroom. They’d installed a cabinet that backed into the basement stairwell, the back of which was pulling off and needed replacing anyway. (it was, get this, a piece of sheetrock finish-nailed to the wood as the only structural backing in the cabinet). Off it came, out came the shelves, and there we were. M, undeterred that he had to essentially leap the stairwell to get there, entered the bathroom, unlocked the door, and up we went!

The floors do look very nice, though the stain doesn’t really match what it was previously – the grain is darker and the places between lighter. I’m guessing this is evidence of a non-penetrating type stain in the past? The new floor blends in well enough which was a worry. Personally, I think that the scribbly-twisty grain in the new stuff makes the old look that much better, while M prefers the tight, crack-free fit of the new.

Other, more mundane, but probably useful activities involved finally beginning to organize the tools and ‘miscellaneous house parts’ in a manner conductive to living in the house, rather than just working there.

Also, we found someone willing to install a 12×12 vinyl floor for under $1000. Which saves us from a nasty, gluey mess diy-ing the room that was supposed to be the ‘cheap and easy’ one.

This weekend, we’ll probably start – dare I say it? – moving things.

(though we won’t move in until the kitchen vinyl is in – probably a two to three week wait on the materials)


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